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martes, 24 de julio de 2018


Bernard Cornwell writes the 8th adventure of Uthred of Bebbanburg. In this ocassion the plot is about the very beginning of Englaland in the battle of Brunanburh.

The story starts with a battle between Lady Athelflad, the Queen of Mercia and sister of the king of Wessex, and Uthred's son against a Norsemen named Haki. After they won, Uthred's son is sending to Gleawecestre to hang Haki in the hall of her husband. When Uthred, the son, arrives he finds his father who had been invited to the Wittan where The Nobles will chose the next King of Mercia.
But in this summit, Uthred, the father, discovers that nobles, bishops and other high-powder men want to kill the eldest son of the king of Wessex, and nephew of Athelflad, Athelstan. So Uthred begins the defense of the boy. He got it, and captured the little army that Ethelmen, Edward's, king of Wessex, father-in-law, sent for it. And supported by king Ethelred of Mercia. So our hero sends Athelstan to Ceaster with his twin sister to gather her aunt Athelflad, and in addition, tries to rescue Elfwynn, Athelflad's daughter, from the ominous wedding that her father had been planned for her.

When they arrive, Uthred could tell Athelflad all what is happening in her kingdom. Also King Ethelred deads and his allies will try to avoid Uthred will arrive in Ceaster in success. For this reason, Eardwulf, the broom, leading the army attacks Uthred and his men, but after Athelflad comes, the battle is avoided and she proclaims Eardwulf as an outlaw because he ignores her and tries killing her and Uthred at night. After that fight, Uthred and Lady Athelflad start a political war in Gleawecestre to make her the new and only Queen of Mercia, after her husband death, though she's never named as Queen otherwise Lady of Mercia.

After this event, Athelflad orders Uthred to go to Ceaster to protect its fortress of the Norsemen. But, before he comes there, Uthred got cure an old injury caused by the cut of one sword that stabbed his and had a kind of sorcery. And after finding the sword, and stabbed by Eadith, the mistress of Ethelred, Uthred got well.
In Ceaster, Uthred discovers that Eardwulf is with the Norsemen ready to attack it. However, he and his men avoid this happen.
Finally, the battle starts and the norsemen are slaugtered by Uthred and his men. Despite their leader tried to fight against Uthred, but is defeated because the daughter of Uhtred distracts his.

There is a brief and interesting historical note.

  • Título: The empty throne
  • Nº de páginas: 352 págs.
  • Editorial: Harper Collins
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN: 9780007504190